Dick and Harry’s Awful Adventure: The Official Soundtrack

February 23, 2006

Here it is


Evangelicals and CEOs Pretend to Care for the Environment

February 10, 2006

Oh, look! A bunch of CEOs and Evangelicals have hopped aboard the bandwagon of environmentalism. Yeah Right!

Since when do Evangelicals believe in science? As Evangelicals, they’re still waiting for the rapture. They don’t actually give a rat’s ass about the environment.

Their leaders are gay-bashing televangelists who deceive old ladies with promises of faith-healing if they’ll only just send their last twenty dollars. They lose no sleep if she’s got nothing left to eat but dog food.

What the Evangelicals bring to the table of this crony-alliance is their perception management resources – A vast network of mega-churches within which consent can be manufactured for just about anything, no matter how perverse (torture, warantless spying, wars of aggression, planned misery). Their ability to achieve results is undeniable. They’ve delivered many political victories to the most morally-bankrupt politicians alive.

Since when do CEOs of oil companies care for anything beyond the next quarter’s profits? These guys have made record profits during wartime while working families are gouged at the gas pump.

Now that they’ve finally realized that there’s a global movement which will only increase in scale, scope, and funding, they want a piece of the action. I remain unconvinced they actually understand the problem from a scientific perspective or that they would actually care if they did understand.

I’m confident they’re doing this because they’re anticipating getting a cut of federal funding (Just as Pat Robertson intercepted funds for Katrina victims), coopting the environmental movement, watering down the response, spreading misinformation, and generally sabotaging the response to the global environmental crisis.

We know this from experience. Some of us have been paying attention to the response to hurricane Katrina and to Bush’s war crimes in Iraq. All they can see is an opportunity to profit from the suffering of others, and to further consolidate power.

We remember Mike Brown, FEMA, the deliberate neglect of the Katrina victims, the deliberate gentrification of New Orleans, Halliburton’s no-bid contracts in Iraq and New Orleans, $60 hammers, $25 each for crappy MREs, dirty water pumped from the Euphrates and served as drinking water to our soldiers in Iraq, other contractors delivered defective body-armor.

I’ll never trust a bunch of war-profiteering CEOs and war-mongering Evangelical TV preachers. This whole initiative is just a fig-leaf for the worst criminals in the world: pollluters, war-profiteers, price-gouging oil companies, religious con-men, Bush-collaborators.

I’m convinced their coalition is pit of vipers. I’ll give them credit for one thing: they’ve got the best public relations consultants money can buy. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Does addressing climate change mean we’re becoming liberals?


Climate change is not a liberal issue. It is a profound problem for people Jesus loves, people Jesus died to save.

Are we working with environmentalists?

No. While we are not working with environmentalists, and are critical of some of their views and approaches, we also feel that once we have established our own voice on this issue we should use this as an opportunity to share the gospel with those who care about “environmental” issues…

Censorship at DemocraticUnderground.com

February 6, 2006

I created a new account at D.U. and got immediately censored and banned for expressing an unwillingness to compromise with religious fundamentalists on the issue of free speech. Sadly, it’s not just the Christian and Muslim fanatics who try to silence their critics. The admins at DemocraticUnderground.com have a policy of zero tolerance for my opinions. They’re going to be hearing a lot more from me in the future.

Here’s the thread where they clipped everything I said. I  used not one curse word, no personal hostility, just a bit of political self-expression which cannot be tolerated.

I sent the following emails to all the admins at D.U.

admin@democraticunderground.com, skinner@democraticunderground.com, earlg@democraticunderground.com, elad@democraticunderground.com

I’m not really troubled by your censorship, I’m only really troubled by your censorship of my discussion of your censorship policy and how it’s interpreted. I’m also troubled by having my email ignored afterward. You must be willing to defend your censorship and openly discuss it, or you have no credibility.


On 2/3/06, Balzac wrote:

I can understand if you don’t want excessive profanity. I can understand if you don’t want to lose your christian democrats, so you delete blasphemy. After all, this site is to serve the interests of Democrats.

But you deleted every mention I made of your censorship. You should at least be able to discuss your censorship policy, rather than squelch conversation on that topic. I didn’t see anything in your policy about comments about your censorship policy. That was undeniably a heavy-handed response to my criticism.

Furthermore, I busted a guy who was enthusiastically pushing an ultra-right wing book, and I called him a Republican. You guys let freepers get away with waaay too much on DU. But you deleted some of those messages too, and suspended my account.

I think it might be more appropriate to call yourselves DLC Underground. Either that, or just take away the word ‘Underground’ from your name.

The underground of the democratic party is belongs to those of us who refuse to respect religious fundamentalism and show little patience for DLC Democrats.

The Failure of the American Left Hurts The World

February 5, 2006

The American Left has been shoehorned into self-identifying as the Democratic party. As Democrats, we’ve become decadent, weak-willed, and complicit in the crimes of our Republican countrymen. I say this as someone who only votes for Democrats and because I don’t see any viable alternatives.Democratic political awareness is myopic, seeing domestic politics only, and of the last few decades only. The Democrats need to wake up and realize they need a geopolitical viewpoint, and a longer view of history.

We must not think of ourselves merely as Democrats. Instead, we should think of ourselves as world citizens.

Widen the scope of political awareness from national politics to geopolitics.

Widen the scope of historical awareness from decades to centuries.

Understand that Democracy and Socialism are not mutually exclusive.

Enlist Foreign Aid. Accept as much help as is offered to topple Bush.

We must all be fully committed to seeing Bush and his collaborators tried first for treason, then in the international criminal court for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against peace.

There are always those who, under the banner of moderation, will attack you for showing leadership. Chavez is getting attacked by these ‘moderate’ Democrats.
To those ‘moderate Democrats’ who attack Chavez, I say you’re on the same side as Donald Rumsfeld and Pat Robertson.

To those ‘moderate Democrats’ who did not stick up for the blasphemers against threats from religious fundamentalist, I say you’ve got company with Bush’s State Department, who also condemns the blasphemous cartoons.

Public Mental Health Crisis

February 5, 2006

I feel physically sickened of politics lately. There are so many sick people, spewing propaganda, like so much uncontrollable vomiting and diarhea. They’re becomming more and more depraved. Their condition is not improving.

Most people aren’t really aware of the fact that DELUSIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS. When enough people catch a particular contagious delusion, people become afraid to say, “Hey, that’s just crazy”.

It’s dangerous when a contagious delusion becomes so widespread that it cannot be challenged. When enough people are infected with a delusion, it gains the stature of “Religion”. The Church of Scientology is a fine example. Christianity and Islam are bigger and older, but no less crazy.

It’s time for the sane people of the world to acknowledge the reality of the Public Mental Health Crisis. The degree to which we acknowledge this reality will have a lot to do with whether our civilization survives.

It’s time for awareness and for action:

These individuals are the Typhoid Marys of the Public Mental Health Crisis:

George Bush
Chris Matthews
Tim Russert
Wolf Blitzer
Kyra Philips
Katie Couric
Matt Lauer
Rush Limbaugh
Bill O’Rielly
Sean Hannity
Pat Robertson
Anne Coulter
Jerry Falwell

The following excerpts from a ‘conservative’ website (which I will not link to) are the result of your madness – Mainstream Racial Hatred:

“Perhaps the Apes of Islam would be well advised to leave the Vikings alone”

“if I’m feeling generous, put a fucking cap in the back of your simian heads.”

“Figures that the mental midgets of the mid-east would want to lash out like crackheads over a case of “Definition of Character”.”

“I can only hope this cause the filthy primitive Mohammedan goat fuckers to go on a rampage in their Crapistans and kill one another.”

I support freedom of speech on religious matters, but I’m totally humorless about these white-supremecist pricks using the language of racial hatred. The people responsible for these words should quit smoking meth and popping pills. They’ve become Nazis.

These white-supremecists are taking cover in your coalition of the psychotic, oh hypnotizing fiends of the Corporate Owned Media. You are the Typhoid Marys of the Public Mental Health Crisis.

American Culture of Abuse

February 4, 2006

The Culture of Abuse is made up of abused-abusers who are addicted to pain, self-pity, retribution, and narcissistic rage.

Narcissistic rage and self-pity are two of the biggest problems with people nowdays. These are the roots of the Culture of Abuse. I try hard not to participate in this sad psychodrama, but too often I fail.

I hate getting pissed off at people. My most important goal is not to participate in this culture of abuse. But when you see an Iraqi child, spattered in the blood of her parents, and her little brother, standing petrified, it gives me terrible grief and rage.

In the Culture of Abuse, the most vulnerable people always get hurt the worst. How can I not react with white-hot rage when civilians are slaughtered?

The underlying patterns of abuse are embedded in the behavior of the right and the left in America. But like the problem of corruption, it is more a problem of the right-wing than the left. These people celebrate abuse and promote torture, shamelessly.

At least, some of us on the left recognize this as a Culture of Abuse and seek to change ourselves, so as not to be participants. The abused-abusers on the right don’t learn much from our lecturing, they only get it in quiet moments when they see that we’re happier than they are.

This is very powerful.

February 3, 2006

No Bravery

It makes me seeth with rage at those people who don’t take a very strong opposition to Bush and his followers. This can’t be repeated frequently or loudly enough. Real people are dying while decadent Americans fail to condemn the psychotic butcher, George Bush.
It makes me very happy that Cindy Sheehan is so uncompromising. I fully support Cindy Sheehan and her meeting with Hugo Chavez. I fully support Harry Belafonte, and Paul Hackett, Veterans for Peace, and all those others out there who refuse to compromise with the American mainstream.