American Culture of Abuse

The Culture of Abuse is made up of abused-abusers who are addicted to pain, self-pity, retribution, and narcissistic rage.

Narcissistic rage and self-pity are two of the biggest problems with people nowdays. These are the roots of the Culture of Abuse. I try hard not to participate in this sad psychodrama, but too often I fail.

I hate getting pissed off at people. My most important goal is not to participate in this culture of abuse. But when you see an Iraqi child, spattered in the blood of her parents, and her little brother, standing petrified, it gives me terrible grief and rage.

In the Culture of Abuse, the most vulnerable people always get hurt the worst. How can I not react with white-hot rage when civilians are slaughtered?

The underlying patterns of abuse are embedded in the behavior of the right and the left in America. But like the problem of corruption, it is more a problem of the right-wing than the left. These people celebrate abuse and promote torture, shamelessly.

At least, some of us on the left recognize this as a Culture of Abuse and seek to change ourselves, so as not to be participants. The abused-abusers on the right don’t learn much from our lecturing, they only get it in quiet moments when they see that we’re happier than they are.


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