¡¡¡Today Show Protest!!!

Protest Logo¡¡¡Today Show Protest!!!

We can protest the Today Show from Rockafeller Center, LIVE during their broadcast! All you have to do is to pretend you’re a tourist with your sign that says “Happy Birthday Mom!”.Here is a list of the reasons why:

Katie Couric attacked Howard Dean
Matt Lauer attacked Michael Moore
Matt Lauer Goes Ga-Ga for Anne Coulter
Even jolly weatherman, Al Roker waved and cried out like a schoolgirl to Bush during his inaugural parade.

Haven’t we had enough?!

This protest is part of the overall push-back against NBC. Tim Russert and Chris Matthews of MSNBC are part of this as well.

Chris Matthews attacked Michael Moore (Compared Bin Laden to Michael Moore)
Tim Russert attacked Arianna Huffington

The Today Show has a huge audience, and Katie and Matt Lauer like to mingle with the public, pretending they are just decent Americans.

In fact, their allegiance is to NBC’s corporate parent – G.E. with their Iraq contracts worth hundreds of millions. G.E. calls the shots for NBC who pay Katie and Matt’s salaries. That is why Katie and Matt rhetorically attack anti-war people like Michael Moore and Howard Dean. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer know who butters their bread.

It’s time for NBCs morning propaganda charade to be challenged.

We intend to protest the Today Show soon and repeatedly until they step up security and profile their television audience to keep out protestors.

Let NBC secure Rockafeller Center until it looks like the “Green Zone” of New York. Then Matt Lauer and Katie Couric can’t continue to pretend that what’s in the interests of the share-holders of their war-profiteer parent company is in the interests of ordinary Americans.


2 Responses to ¡¡¡Today Show Protest!!!

  1. Judy says:

    Hey……….I was going to organize a protest of NBC also. I was going to do mine on Monday, Feb. 20……President’s Day at 30 Rock.

    Check out my diary at: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2006/1/27/111714/918

  2. balzac says:

    Excellent, but don’t you think we should choose a sooner date, and then do Feb 20th as well? I’m completely open to the 20th though. I would suggest though, that NYC locals might be the most appropriate people to set a date. Let’s see what we can get from talking to NYC protest organizers.

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