Fake Bin Laden Audio / Liberal Book Smear

The latest I’ve learned:

Swiss scientists think the latest audio attributed to Bin Laden is fake.

New Technology puts voice-print identification into doubt.

Earlier, I posted this in the open thread at Daily Kos:

Kos, first, thank you for your commitment and this excellent forum you’ve established. Earlier you made a reference to a letter allegedly from Osama Bin Laden. In this letter, the author who may or not not have been Osama Bin Laden, and claims to be Bin Laden, denigrates Bill Clinton as a fornicator.

You made the point that Osama Bin Laden shares his anti-gay, anti-sex ideology with American conservatives, not American liberals. I agree completely with that point, and I think it’s an extremely important point to make. However, I must ask, what are your criteria for discriminating forged Bin Laden letters from real ones?

I’ve been working to clarify my argument for a few days:

All media releases allegedly from Al Qaeda members can be sorted into two categories:

Verified, Authentic Releases

This type includes videos of sufficient quality and lighting of recognizable faces of known Al Qaeda members with audio which is synched to the lip-movement.In this category, we have:

  • Video of Bin Laden
  • Video of Zawahiri
  • Video of Bin Laden and Zawahiri together
  • Video of other, less-known Al Qaeda associates with Bin Laden and/or Zawahiri

Conspicuously absent in this category is video of Zarqawi.

From these videos we know:

  • Al Qaeda exists
  • Bin Laden and Zawahiri are or were the leaders
  • Zawahiri is or was second in command
  • They advocate terrorism
  • They train terrorists and fund terrorism.
Unverifiable, Possibly Inauthentic Releases

This includes all text and audio and videos which do not have sufficient quality, lighting, recognizeable faces of known Al Qaeda members with voice synched to lips.In this category, we have:

  • Lots of audio clips allegedly from Zarqawi.
  • A letter allegedly from Zawahiri to Zarqawi.
  • A letter allegedly from Bin Laden to the American people, in which he condemns Clinton as a fornicator.
  • An audio clip allegedly from Bin Laden in which he claims Zarqawi as an Al Qaeda member
  • An audio clip allegedly from Bin Laden in which he endorses the book Rogue State.
  • The Nick Berg beheading video, allegedly from Zarqawi.
  • We have a fake Bin Laden video, which is obviously not the real Bin Laden. (Some have speculated it was his double. We just don’t know.)

From these items, we do not know:

  • Zarqawi exists.
  • Al Qaeda claims Zarqawi as an Al Qaeda member
  • Bin Laden endorses the book Rogue State.

From these items, we do know:

  • Someone wants us to believe that Zarqawi exists
  • Someone wants us to believe that Zarqawi is the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq
  • Someone wants us to believe Bin Laden claims Zarqawi as an Al Qaeda member
  • Someone wants us to believe Zawahiri claims Zarqawi as an Al Qaeda member
  • Someone wants us to believe Bin Laden endorses the liberal book Rogue State
  • An individual who looks somewhat like Bin Laden claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks

Someone might say “But wait! The CIA can do voice-print analysis!” – My answer: The CIA can, but you can’t. That means you must believe the same CIA in which allowed George Tenet to sit behind Colin Powell, jiggling his little vial of imaginary WMDs.

For that reason, I say all audio is unverifiable to the public. All text is also unverifiable because even though an expert can offer an expert opinion, the public cannot verify and must rely on these experts. That leaves nothing but the video clips.

One very intriguing fact has emerged. There is no verified intelligence that Zarqawi exists or that any known Al Qaeda members claim him as a member of Al Qaeda.

  1. * Every message allegedly from Zarqawi is audio – not video, therefore, unverifiable. That is very curious.
    * There is one notable exception, which is the Nick Berg beheading video allegedly of Zarqawi. In this video, everyone has a mask covering the face except Nick Berg. Also, the guy who is supposed to be Zarqawi doesn’t have a Jordanian accent, plus the audio doesn’t match the video. This is not a video that was created by simply turning on the camera. There was a lot of editing done on the video, much like the Daniel Pearl beheading video.
  2. Not only is every audio clip, video clip, or letter, which is allegedly from Zarqawi, unverifiable, every instance of Zawahiri or Bin Laden refering to Zarqawi is audio or text, therefore, unverifiable. There is no video of Bin Laden or Zawahiri claiming Zarqawi.

There’s a very striking pattern emerging. If there are any aberrations to the above rules, I’d love to see them.

The ‘evidence’ which the Bush Administration and their supporters rely on most heavily for their rhetoric is completely unverifiable.

This all makes sense if Zarqawi is understood to be a legend concocted by Bush’s psyops team. If the Zarqawi-related intelligence is fake, there is reason to doubt the authenticity of the latest audio clip allegedly from Osama Bin Laden.

The audio clip allegedly from Bin Laden, which Chris Matthews and the corporate-owned, Bush-supporting media have been talking about this week is unverifiable.

Okay, now if we look at the unverifiable, possibly inauthentic releases, you will see that idea that Al Qaeda is leading the Iraq Insurgency is heavily dependent upon the unverifiable information category. Zarqawi is the link, and he only releases audio and text. UNVERIFIABLE AUTHENTICITY!!

The idea that Osama Bin Laden has an affinity for liberal ideology is dependent on unverifiable audio. The recent liberal-book-recommendation audio clip allegedly from Osama Bin Laden is only audio.

Now, if we look only at the verifiable information releases, where is the connection between the Iraq insurgency and Al Qaeda? Where is the connection between Bin Laden and liberal ideology?

The only connections remaining are between the Bush Psyops Cabal and a bunch of easily fabricated audio and text files. The connection is that Bush’s political rhetoric relies heavily on the unverifiable intelligence. He made reference to the Niger forgery, he makes references to Zarqawi, etc.

If we let the Bush cabal create the narrative with fake Al Qaeda messages, it’s as if we’re playing Dungeons and Dragons and we’re letting Karl Rove be the Dungeon Master – dictating the narrative of the game!

That brings me to the next question I want to hear Bush asked:

“Are there any active PSYOPs programs happening within the United States?”


9 Responses to Fake Bin Laden Audio / Liberal Book Smear

  1. jake says:

    is shit brown? the pentagon has a black budget upwards of $50 billion a year. congress is completely in the dark on how this money is spent, and has no say on the matter. lots of money and no accountability = black ops, 9/11 and who knows what.

  2. balzac says:

    obviously we see the effects of the Bush Psyops Program on our television, radio and print media every day. The point is, someone needs to ask him that specific question, especially now that he’s already in trouble for spying on Americans.

    The important thing is to bust their balls for all the fake Al Qaeda theatrics.

  3. notepad says:

    Wrong; the important thing is to choose your side and bust a few caps in their balls – that is, if you have the balls to do so.

    When the shit comes down, are you gonna stand, fight and die for the United Freemason Lodges of Amerika – or haul ass to Argentina?

    # # #

  4. Fade says:

    Great stuff Balzac- Keep up the good work- posting link to your site.

  5. Michael Leza says:

    Interesting. Plausible. I’ll give it some thought.

  6. notepad says:

    Ballsack you are a coward – rather than reply to all the many people (including me) who posted to your blog requesting answers to your multiple frauds, you deleted all their posts instead.

    …now you’re back to pretending again like nothing ever happened – you SUCK and your blog sucks. You must be gay – your butt-plug is showing.

    # # #

  7. balzac says:

    Actually, I haven’t removed your stupid commentary. I gave up on answering your stupid questions because you were disrespectful. Apparently you have a problem with gays too. Must be you’re insecure in your sexual identity.

  8. balzac says:

    For the record, wordpress did block one of your comments because it had more than two links in it. I changed the setting to accept up to 10 links in a single comment. Sign up for a free wordpress.com account and you’ll see, it automatically stores comments with more than 2 links pending admin approval.

    I didn’t censor you, but a less tolerant person would, just for your sheer conviction on things you don’t know much about, although you’re a self-appointed expert on the subject. Others might have censored you for using insulting names.

    Still, I have not censored anyone on my blog.

  9. Chicasensu says:

    Maybe sex- I don’t know….My nick is ChicaSensual20…wanna see me on cam?…chat page!!!

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