Bin Laden Audio Tape Questions

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Greetings, readers. This new blog will be host to lots of well-considered opinions. Now, down to business.
The new Bin Laden Audio:

I’ll start with some context. I think we all can agree that what Americans believe about the authenticity of certain audio and video tapes is extremely important.

What Americans believe about terrorists, their motivation, their allegiance, their ideology is a fulcrum for controlling public opinion. People’s beliefs about minutea of intelligence are extremely politically significant.

We must not let propagandists control the narrative of the significant and very recent historical terrorist events.

The Niger Forgery, The August 6th PDB, Zarqawi’s audio releases and written correspondances, Osama’s latest audio tapes, aluminum tubes, white phosphorus, Nick Berg beheading, Jessica Lynch, Abu Ghraib, and events like “Mission Accomplished” or US forces surrenduring Fallujah to the insurgents(Bush’s order) before invading Fallujah a second time. This stuff really happened, and this is where the rubber meets the road, politically.

Think about what the Bush cabal has accomplished with their talking points refering to Al Qaeda audio tapes and letters. In people’s minds, they’ve tied the iraq insurgency to Al Qaeda. Now with the most recent audio tape, they’ve tied American liberal ideology to Al Qaeda, in the minds of many.

All of this is based on the assumption that the voice in the audio clip really belongs to Osama Bin Laden. I don’t think this is a safe assumption to make.

So Al Jazeera put it on their website. So the mainstream media trusts the government-approved source. I don’t.

I still remember the Niger Forgery, the Zawahiri/Zarqawi letter, Colin Powell jiggling his little vial of fake WMDs in front of the United Nations. Last but not least, who can forget how Bush went from warning of a specific nuclear threat, to unspecified Weapons of Mass Destruction, to Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs, and finally to Weapons of Mass Destruction Related Program Activities (WMDRPAs)?

Alright, I’ll just come out and say it bluntly. I strongly believe the last audio release allegedly from Osama Bin Laden is a fake. I don’t believe that Zarqawi is alive and terrorizing Iraq. I believe all the audio clips attributed to Zarqawi are fake. I believe the Zarqawi/Zawahiri letter was fake. I believe Zarqawi is a construct of a Bush-Cabal psyop.

Notice how the unverifiable audio tapes and letters (red) conveniently link everything together (Figure 1). Notice the Republican talking points embedded in the fake al qaeda messages: The fake Zarqawi audio and forged letter ties the Iraq insurgency to Al Qaeda. The fake Bin Laden audio ties Bin Laden to Zarqawi and Bin Laden to the American left.

If there are no links between the fake intelligence (red) and Al Qaeda (orange), (Figure 2) what do you have? A picture emerges which is much less favorable to the Bush Administration. In fact, it’s downright dangerous. Al Qaeda has no direct links to the Iraqi insurgency. Bin Laden is not starting a book club. Bin Laden has no ideological affinity for liberal Americans. However, the Administration is left connected to a lot of fake intelligence.
The Bush cabal is fighting for their lives – not just their political lives. They are desperate to avoid being tried for corruption, treason and war crimes.

I’m not one of those conspiracy theorists that believes they put explosives in the towers. That is ridiculous. But where were the fighters which patrol the eastern seaboard on September 11th? And was the wreckage of flight 93 really scattered over miles? Why did the administration resist the post 9/11 investigations?

Some propose a theory of deliberate negligence of security on the part of the Bush administration before 9/11. They had lots of warnings. The august 6th Presidential Daily Briefing, among other explicit warnings and signals.

Richard Clarke essentially told us that neglect for security against terrorism was an established pattern of behavior before 9/11. Well they’re still adamant about neglecting security today, even while they’re inciting more hatred of the US with the war in Iraq.

Everyone agrees that another terror attack on US could benefit George Bush Jr. politically. The WTC attacks pushed his approval rating to their peak. Does that mean he wouldn’t mind if we got attacked again? Personally, I won’t rule that out.

I wonder if Markos Moulitsas would think I’m a conspiracy nut. I wonder what he believes regarding the authenticity of these audio releases. I’d love to know what ‘conspiracy theories’ top liberal bloggers like Kos, Atrios and C&L consider credible and which they rule out.

On a side note: Am I going crazy, or did Atrios, Georgia10 of DKos, John Amato of C&L all make references to the new audio allegedly released by Osama Bin Laden as if they assumed it was real? I’ve been searching the archives but I’m not finding what I remember reading on the first pass.

Did they quickly amend their blog-posts or am I just full of crap? If they did, I’m glad because they might suspect that Osama Bin Laden’s liberal-book-flogging audio clip is fake and also that Zarqawi is a hoax.


29 Responses to Bin Laden Audio Tape Questions

  1. Fade says:

    Balzac- i have been all over this and just havent had time to get anything detailed up on my blog- Good post- If I run across anything more- will give you a link-

    This is the most obvious fake of them all- And what’s worse, you can tell the Talking points were issued along with the clip. Total Horseshit propaganda.

    Where’s the “Liberal Media” when you need them? Bush bot Talking heads is all we have now.

  2. Harvey Brehm says:

    I have told my friends,from the very first airing of the Bin Laden tape it was a fake.It has Karl Rove`s fingerprints all over it and carried out by the CIA.If you read the transcript in it`s intiretyBin Laden does not sit around some library reading books and watching CNN for the latest poll numbers.It is plain to see what is going on here,the CIA verified the tape in a couple of hours and why just an audio tape and not a video.It is not that he could not make a camera available.It is a ploy to win the 2006 congressional elections by making the Dems look soft on terror.

  3. fascist future says:

    i dunno. take a look at a DVD called Loose Change 2nd edition. you might change your mind about the explosions in the towers thing. seriously, check it out. believe your eyes and ears before you believe Dick Cheney.

    no shit this tape is a fake. it even comes with a left-wing book recommendation from
    the evil one. Next, he is going to tell us to stop watching fox news.

  4. mari says:

    What’s so ridiculous about Bush et al being behind 9/11? It’s not the first time you’ve been lied to by presidents is it? Did Boxcutters and terrorists take those towers down? Muslims break the laws of physics….ya, ya you’re smarter right? Where did the extra energy come from to pulverize those buildings? They just up and exploded themselves into a fine powder after all the energy and force from the planes was all used up. And of course building seven was just plain suicidal. Anyone who seriously looks at 9/11 knows the truth. Maybe you should also take a more in depth look before making yourself look ridiculous. And if you’re calling this tape a fake, why not everything else you’ve been led to believe. Come on open your mind.

  5. balzac says:

    If you believe the two main Towers themselves were preloaded with explosives, there’s probably nothing I can say to convince you otherwise.

    Building 7 is interesting and I’d like to see that video. Perhaps the seismic event of the two towers collapsing weakened building 7. Perhaps the building contractor put too much sand in the cement. I don’t know.

    But with my own eyes, I witnessed the video of planes hitting and towers collapsing, starting from the points which had been impacted.

    I would bet my left nut that it was airplanes, fully loaded with fuel from logan airport which brought the towers down without breaking any laws of physics.

    Still, that’s a separate issue from the question of whether the Bush Cabal was behind it. I think they may have anticipated the attacks and even suppressed our defenses.

    I believe the difference between my 9/11 suspicions and your 9/11 convictions is that you fell for a red-herring conspiracy theory which distracts from real questions about 9/11.

    Just based on what we know, we should be very suspicious that it was an inside job, but firm convictions based on dubious arguments will never be taken seriously.

  6. fascist future says:

    watch building 7 collapse EXACTLY like a controlled demoloition, striaght to the ground in about 6 seconds. at 5pm on the 11th. the seismic event of the towes collapsing took
    7 hours to make it to building 7? come on. do a little research. jet fuel does not burn at a temeprature hot enough to melt the steel that was used in the twin towers. a worker from the Underwriters Laboratory said so in a letter. he was fired immediately thereafter. we’re not saying we know exactly what happened, only that the government’s conspiracy theory is more outlandish than most. there have been steel frame buildings that burned for almost 24 hours without collapsing. most of the juet fuel was consumed in the fireballs that occurred on impact,
    and the tower that was hit second and had been burning for 20 minutes LESS collapsed first.
    physics don’t lie. cheney do.

  7. fascist future says:

    here’s the direct link. i’d love to know what you think.

  8. balzac says:

    fascist future,

    The most stress is on the foundation of a building. In earthquakes, many buildings collapse from the bottom up. Demolition experts use this to their advantage by blowing up the foundation of a building, causing it to collapse from the bottom up.

    There WTC towers were hit not just with jet fuel, but with Boeing 737s moving at hundreds of miles per hour, loaded with jet fuel.

    Regardless of what was burned, we know that the structure was penetrated, leaving a hole right through the outer- shell of vertical structural steel. The vertical steel had some redundancy, but the horizontal steel was another matter.

    Horizontal structural steel members, which tied the vertical structural members together were severed on impact.

    Additionally, the fire-retardant coating which coated all the structural steel was blasted off.

    How confident are you that the structure could not have collapsed after all that physical destruction followed by incredible heat? The second tower had the seismic event of the first tower’s collapse along with secondary damage from the first tower’s collapse.

    The first tower to collapse was the one that was hit lower. Remember, the bottom of the building is under a lot more pressure than the top.

    Anyway, I’m talking about fabricated evidence here. I won’t be interested in discussing this further, but if you want to talk about fabricated Al Qaeda messages, I’m your guy.

  9. fascist future says:

    the point is, it’s ALL fabricated. 9/11 was the jumping-off point. once these guys saw what they could get away with, they had no qualms about faking audio tapes or anything else that suits the agenda of their oil buddies and keeps them in power by manipulating us with fear.

    if they are using bin laden to manipulate us now, why not then?
    i won’t throw anymore facts at you, but the more you simply review the video broadcast by all of the major media outlets that day, the more the picture becomes clear. the “new Pearl Harbor”
    mentioned by the neocons in 2000 happened on 9/11. that opened the door for Iraq in 2003 and now Iran in 2006. Without 9/11, they don’t get their wish of controlling what’s left of the planet’s untapped oil resources.

    As for Iran, i’ll put 20 bucks on something happening (via the US or Israel) before March 20th of this year. That’s the day Iran switches it’s oil-trading currency from the dollar to the euro.
    And the ultra-rich are none too happy about that prospect.

    you can watch the loose change video here. i’m not saying everything in it is true.
    but pay special attention to the video concerning the pentagon and flight 93 from the day of the attack. in the video from pennsylvania, there is NO PLANE. NO PASSENGERS. just a smoking hole in the ground.

    i just ask that you watch it with an open mind. that’s all for me.

  10. balzac says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll check out the video.

  11. dorothy says:

    Balzac, you’re inner child is causing you to resist the truth. As your website states, and you are most certainly its ‘creator’ – you can’t handle the truth. Now click you’re heels three times and say “there’s no place like home…..there’s no place like home”. I can’t do that anymore cause I believe 9/11 is a lie. And the fact that you report the 9/11 commission report almost verbatim suggests you know a lot more about 9/11 than you admit to.

    Anyway, I’ll leave you to your delusion. But here’s a joke for ya….Just two months ago a C-130 crashed into an Iranian apartment building….have you heard this one…it’s really funny! It didn’t collapse….HA HA HA. They didn’t have they special fireproofing I guess and all the American expertise on how to make weaker buildings. Maybe they could take some tips on cement mixing. That one cracked me up. Hundreds of tons of weak cement made consistently badly while the buildings were going up. Those crazy engineers. How screwed up are they?

    Here’s another one…..A greek jetliner went down recently on a hillside….wait for it. Yes, there was wreckage. I gotta million of them.

    And oh yeah…..Scott Peterson didn’t kill Lacey Peterson….Free Scott Now. He didn’t make her cement shoes, or go fishing on the day she disappeared. Nor did they find her in the Bay he went fishing in….And he didn’t have an affair with Amber Frey….Free Scott Now. Lol

  12. balzac says:


    Obviously you didn’t even read what I wrote. You think the entire theory of Bush-Cabal complicity in 9/11 hangs on whether or not bombs were in the WTC towers.

    Uncurious people like you fall for the first conspiracy theory that comes along, and you miss out on more dangerous and plausible conspiracy theories.

    I had a 9/11 conspiracy theory of Bush/Neocon Cabal complicity in the attacks before the stupid ‘bombs in the towers’ conspiracy theory ever got off the ground.

    I call it “deliberate negligence”. Suppression of our defenses, anticipation of attack, treason. The fact that you compared my findings to the 9/11 commission report shows you didn’t read my comments. Either that or you’re just a troll. Either way, I can’t help you.

  13. notepad says:

    I came, looked around and left – all wasted words and effort here. Once I read that al Queda (the Arab computer database) destroyed the Trade Towers I realized this whole piece was misinformation.

    Without first grasping that 911 was an inside job, you can’t even begin to understand what’s really happening.

    # # #

  14. notepad says:

    I’ve researched every detail of the 911 crime for 4+ years – enough to qualify myself as an expert on the subject.

    I’ve also learned how to spot a disinfo agent – no offense ballsack, but you fit the description perfectly.

    # # #

  15. dorothy says:

    I agree entirely with you notepad. Balzac’s only mantra appears to be “I don’t believe Bush did it – it was incompetence or negligence but not Bush!”. But Balzac just so the Big Kahuna knows, 9/11 truth has become increasingly mainstream. You don’t need to sub poena Google to find that out and you don’t need to create websites as bogus as this one is. There is a big problem with 9/11 that everyone who has posted here knows, even if you want to dissemble or confuse the issue with the commission report. WTC7. WTC 7 is the fly in the ointment of 9/11 for those who did it. If WTC 7 had not collapsed in a controlled demolition (as it obviously did – the squibs in the top corner of the building so clearly photographed, Silverstein admitting it, NIST having no explanation for its collapse, and the 9/11 commission failing to even include it) I doubt 9/11 would be an issue.

    So you see everyone posting here can hardly wait to see Bush’s head and the head’s of his cabal as you refer to them, being in a nice big basket (wrapped in the american flag of course). I think notepad will agree and really, the thought keeps me going. And I will continue to spread the truth until America rises up and tries Bush for treason.

    Have a nice day. And Balzie – you’re doing a heckuva job!

  16. dorothy says:

    PS. Oh, by the way, you even say in an earlier post with fascist future, that demolition experts start at the base of the building to cut the building’s foundation ‘causing it to collapse from the bottom up’. Isn’t that what is happening in building 7. I can see with my own eyes too. And the problem is, as I suggested earlier, if you see that WTC 7 is a controlled demolition, which any lucid person can, then all of 9/11 is suspect.

  17. notepad says:

    Dorothy, there are many government shills on the Web these days who have infiltrated the 911 movement – one example is how poisons the well with distraction and disinfo – they mix just enough facts into their pitch to get you under their influence, then they go limp (you with ’em). (like ballsack here), are just fronts for the thugs in Washington – really, do a little research on them and their supporters and you’ll realize they’re not the real thing – only leads well-intentioned people astray.

    I know – been researching 911 since day one.

    Someone yesterday remarked that the 911 alternative story (the truth which contradicts the “offiCIAl’ gov version) has been debunked by hundreds of witnesses who saw the airliner crash into the Pentagon, specifically the editor of USA Today.

    Hogwash …hundreds of people did NOT see a large jet liner crash into the Pentagon …only a few paid-off “credible” witnesses said they saw it …further, the FBI and Secret Service immediately confiscated all local video footage which would have revealed what really did hit the Pentagram, er, Pentagon – and the public’s never been allowed to see it – why not?

    As for USA Today and every other so-called mainstream media, consider who owns and controls these outlets – each has something to gain by echoing the “official” 911 story.

    All TV, movie production and distribution, radio and print media are wholly owned and controlled by 5 or 6 men. In order to continue receiving special treatment from the Bush admin, these monopolies make sure the only thing that the public sees, hears, or reads is a steady diet of carefully orchestrated lies and distractions to keep them confused, misinformed and resonating with the party line.

    The 911 hit piece in Popular Mechanics which attempted to “debunk” accurate analysis of how the Trade Centers were destroyed by demolitions, was in fact written by a cousin of Michael Chertoff, head of FEMA and Homoland Security.

    There is literally a mountain of evidence to conclude beyond ANY shadow of doubt that the WTC buildings in New York were brought down by explosives – maybe some other method even more exotic – and the President’s 911 Commission Report omitted, distorted, ignored and covered up every incriminating detail.

    To think otherwise is simply irresponsible foolishness – to accept the “official” fake story is also disrespectful to the families of those who were murdered that day.

    P.S. to ballsack – where did you “learn” propaganda technique? …by reading grocery store ads?

    If you’re gonna infiltrate an organization, or try to sway others’ opinions, you need to first ally WITH them in their common cause – agree with them – bring them into your confidence and convince them you can be trusted – then find ways to incorporate the three D’s.


    …keep practicing; you’ve got a long way to go – maybe change your ID too now since you’ve exposed yourself for what you really are.

    # # #

  18. balzac says:

    I see why Kos had to cancel the accounts of a bunch of 9/11 conspiracy theorists. You two guys are so pathetically paranoid and really myopic too.

    Bush can be impeached and tried for treason for lying us into a war of aggression. He can be tried for war crimes as well. His crimes are of a great magnitude.

    Not only that, the argument that 9/11 is an inside job does not depend on your stupid explosives theory.

    More serious 9/11 conspiracy theorists are interested in these items:

    The August 6th PDB
    Two of the terrorists were already being tracked by our agents
    The incriminating paragraph scrubbed from the PNAC website
    Dick Cheney taking control of Strategic Air Command
    The absence of fighter jets, due to Dick Cheney’s war-games exercises on the day of 9/11
    The fact that today, they still do as little as possible to protect us, while doing as much as they can to incite more terrorism
    The use of fear for mass pursuasion
    The profit motive of the defense contractors
    The political advantage

    You’re so religiously fixated on the idea that WTC towers were demolished by explosives when everyone saw them get hit with planes. I believe the television audience only saw the second plane.

    Anyway, I can’t help you.

  19. balzac says:

    Alright, this is so tiresome, but I have a few questions for your brilliant theory, Notepad.

    You’re actually asserting that WTC towers 1 and 2 were brought down by explosives?

    Do you think they explosives were in place before the planes hit?

    Why bother with the planes when you have explosives?

    Why didn’t the explosive go off when a 737 collided with them?

    Why didn’t they explode from the jet fuel that scorched the building?

    Do you think that somehow explosives were snuck into the towers, and placed right where the planes were going to hit, but they didn’t blow up when the planes hit, only when triggered later on?

    Are you kidding me?

  20. come on says:

    1. yes there were explosives in the buildings. poeple who worked a the towers reported that
    there were several “safety drills” leading up to 9/11 in which entire floors were evacuated for
    hours at a time. have you watched the “loose change” video yet or you you afraid to? bother with planes so that bin laden can be blamed for the attacks. how could he wire
    both buildings with bombs without some inside help? that would look a tad suspicious.

    3. the bombs were placed below where they knew the planes would hit

    4. same reason.

  21. notepad says:

    Sorry ballsack, don’t even try it – you’re not very convincing. The WTC buildings being destroyed by pre-planted explosives – INCLUDING WTC7 WHICH WAS NOT HIT BY ANY PLANE – is hardly a stupid theory – it’s fact.

    The 911 event is the cornerstone, the foundation upon which all the corruption and illegal activities of this administration are based – corruption which you only pretend to be interested in addressing.

    With so much FREE information available and 4.3 months after the 911 crime, anyone with an Internet connection and the intelligence of a rock knows the Trade Center buildings were brought down with demolition charges.

    Don’t give us that crap about “everyone saw them get hit with planes” as an explanation for the buildings destruction – so what? That’s protocol in any black op to distract from the main event, blaming the patsy while the real perps are doing something else.

    One thing you are right about though – you CAN’T HELP me, or anyone else – you’re either operating at sub-standard ability and awareness impaired, or you’re on the team of the new bloggers hired by Thugs, Inc. to spread their garbage.

    Question: once this nation falls, do you actually think these bastards are gonna give you some special consideration?

    Answer: no – you’ll never be trusted again since you sold out your own country – you’re just another expendable liability to be discarded (sucker).

    For those real people truly interested in the truth, download and save these videos to your computer before ballsack’s buds shut the Web down.

    911 Eyewitness #1

    911 Eyewitness #2

    911 Eyewitness #3

    # # #

  22. notepad says:

    P.S. – by the way ballsack, the PNAC website hasn’t scrubbed anything – the PDF doc containing the original implications are still there:

    …the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions. A decision to suspend or terminate aircraft carrier production, as recommended by this report and as justified by the clear direction of military technology, will cause great upheaval.

    PNAC – Destroying America’s Defensives

    # # #

  23. balzac says:

    “the bombs were placed below where they knew the planes would hit”

    Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you if you believe that.

  24. notepad says:

    Hey ballsack, question:

    …assuming a person accepts whatever it is you’re selling, exactly what is this particular help you keep offering (but are prevented from providing since no one believes you)?

    # # #

  25. notepad says:

    balzac = a Japanese horror punk band

    balzac facts:

    * first release was a demo tape called “Scapegoat 666”
    * second demo was “Descent Of The Diabolos”
    * their debut album “The Last Men On Earth”
    * had a drummer called “Kill”
    * produced an album, “Terrifying – Art Of Dying/The Last Men On Earth II”
    * released a CD named, “Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark”

    # # #

  26. Fade says:

    Jesus fricking Christ- These 911 guys are like pit bulls. Stay on topic-damn. People might be a little more open to their opinions if they didnt come on like such rabid nuts.

    One piece at a time. Calm down with the name-calling and calling everyone a frickn government agent.

  27. aisley says:

    Great job guys…

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